Welcome to Gong Cha Columbus, where your taste of sweet and the love of boba tea are our priority to maintain at all times.

We are an honor-winning boba tea franchise situated around the world. We prided ourselves on being boba masters and earned the name for ” tribute tea for the emperor” based on our name Gongcha. Until this very moment, Gong cha has withheld its reputation against any competitor. Gong Cha USA is known for “milk foam,” the new take on tea-based drinks that has gained popularity among many of our customers. Our milk foam is a slightly salted cream topping above freshly brewed tea. Gong Cha’s story has been one of continuous growth and development. But it hasn’t lost sight of its initial mission; to provide customers with quality tea products. Its core values of quality, innovation, and service have made Gong Cha the successful bubble tea brand today.

At Gong Cha Columbus, we take pride in serving you premium bubble tea. Our teas can be blended with various fruit toppings and creative mixes, like our Strawberry Lychee or Peach Minute classics. You’ll feel refreshed and energized when you enjoy a great cup of tea at Gong Cha. Our location is created to bring the most enjoyable and comfortable way, a place for you and your friends to gathers.